Inas.H.M. Al Khafaji


 Supervisor Name: Dr. Yehya Kamal Al-Bayati


Several molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) membranes for MebeverineHCl (MBV.HCl) were prepared based on PVC matrix. The imprinted polymers were prepared by thermal polymerizationof 2-Acrylamido2-methyl-1-propane sulphonic acid(AMPS) as monomer, pentaerythritoltriacrylate (PETRA) as a cross linker,benzoyl peroxide (BPO) as an initiator and mebeverine as a template. Four different type of plasticizers of different viscosities were used and the electrodes were fully characterized in terms of plasticizer type, response time, lifetime, pH and detection limit.The BBV-MIP electrodes exhibited Nernstian response in concentration range from 1.0×10-6 to1.0×10-1 M with slopes of 13.98, 19.60, -20.43 and 19.01 mV/ decade. The detection limit and quantification are found to be 4×10-6, 3× 10-6, 2× 10-5and 1.2× 10-6 M,respectively.Interference study for inorganic cations and amino acidswas also studied. The bestelectrodebasedtris(-2-ethyl hexyl)phosphate plasticizer was applied successfully for potentiometric determination ofmebeverine in commercial tablets. Excellentaverage recovery obtained by potentiometric methods was about 102.26% which is in good agreements with British Pharmacopoeia