Hasan Kattoof Jasim

Thamer Abaas Al-Shammary

Department of Geology - University of Baghdad - College of Science



The aim of this study is to define the mineralogical composition of chailat field dunes in Missan Governorate South Eastern of Iraq, and try to determine the origin or the source of these dunes.

Two main types of dunes were recognized in the studied area, these are barchans and nabkha dunes. The direction of these dunes is northwest to southeast.

The dunes in chailat field dunes were divided into three fields according to the varieties in the composition and geographical position in the studied area, these three fields are: Al-Maziliyah, Middle Chailat, Said Subair field dunes.

12 samples were collected from these fields, the samples was separated into light and heavy fraction by heavy liquids.

The light fraction composed from quartz, feldspar, and rock fragments, the rock fragments composed mainly from carbonate, chert, igneous, and metamorphic rock fragments.

The heavy minerals are mostly opaques, chlorite, pyroxenes, amphiboles, epidotes, zircon, garnet, muscovite, biotite, kyanite, staurolite, rutile.

The percentages of heavy minerals fraction to light minerals fraction was very variable in which the percentage of heavy minerals in said subair field are higher than the percentage in Al-Manzeliyah field.

The source area of these sediments are the recent sediment that deposited in the fload plane and traces of tigris river and the outcrops of uppermiocene-pliocene rocks in the eastern of studied area.