Mays K. Mohammed

Supervisor name: Dr. Khulood A. Saleh



The corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in sea water (3.5% NaCl) solution by pure curcumin has been studied at temperature range (25-55oC) and different concentrations (1,5,10,12 ppm) using electrochemical method. The corrosion inhibition efficiency was determined and the best percentage was obtained with 10 ppm pure curcumin concentration which reach to 86.2% at 25oC. The corrosion current density data has been measured by The extrapolation of the polarization curve which shows that the corrosion increase with increasing temperature at all pure curcumin concentrations. The corrosion inhibition increase with pure curcumin concentration increasing up to 10 ppm then with increasing pure curcumin concentration than 10 ppm the inhibition will be decreased. Apparent activation energy, Arrhenius factor, free energy ΔGo, enthalpy ΔHo and entropy ΔSo were calculated from Arrhenius plot. The inhibition mechanism according to adsorption of pure curcumin molecules in the interface metal/solution and Langmuir adsorption isotherm type were applied.