The college of Science at University of Baghdad organizes a scientific symposium on the phenomenon of fish mortality in Euphrates

The Department of Biology at the College of Science, the University of Baghdad organized a scientific symposium on the phenomenon of fish mortality in Euphrates  in the presence of a number of professors, researchers and undergraduate and postgraduate students concerned with biological and veterinary medicine. The seminar was presented  by Dr. Mai Taleb, Assistant Professor Dr. Raghad Harbi and Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Jassim. The seminar was organized by the Deanship of the college of science to study the causes and scientific analysis of water samples and dead fish and conduct tests for the examination of heavy elements and the examination of pesticides and the cultivation of fungi and bacteria and diagnosis according to biochemical tests. 

The lecture  included reviewing the results of the Commission and its tests, which confirmed the existence of bioaccumulation in fish bodies and the presence of lead and cadmium concentrations higher than allowed globally, and the lecture  showed the results that showed the presence of significant concentrations of compounds in the bodies of dead fish, which are toxic, especially the first type, Toxicity, as well as conditions of lack of oxygen by the decomposition of organic matter confirmed by the presence of large numbers of coli and staphylococcus aurous and the presence of glowing sects.

The symposium sheds light on the real causes of the recent mass deaths of fish in some Iraqi governorates and contributes in finding appropriate scientific solutions to ensure that they do not reoccur  in the future