Researcher  at the College of Science, University of Baghdad awarded a unique patent

Assistant Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jabir Abd at the Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, obtained the patent titled "Making preservatives and flavorings in the product of  yogurt from  the volatile oils of the lemon and peppermint plant." The aim of the patent is to use the pilot oil of the lemon and mint grasses as natural preservatives and flavorings in yogurt, using the pilot oil for lemongrass (very similar to the lemon flavor) and the use of peppermint oil as preservatives and flavorings for curd. Iraq.

The study included the use of low concentrations of these oils as preservatives and at the same time a flavor of the product of yogurt. These concentrations were sufficient to inhibit the fungi and yeast causing the damage of yogurt, but at the same time is not affecting the work of the bulbs used. This is very important in the preparation of the product of yogurt. The results of the patent showed that the legislation concerning the manufacture of yogurt used in Iraq is not to add preservatives because they have serious effects in the long term. Therefore, the acceptance of the use of preservatives within the standards of the standardization and quality control in Iraq is most likely to be difficult compared to neighboring countries and the world so the local production of yogurt.