Importance of actuarial mathematics

The department of remote sensing and geographic Information systems in cooperation with the continuing education unit organized a lecture entitled "Actuarial Mathematics" in the presence of a group of teaching staff, researchers and students.

The lecture delivered by assistant prof.  Hala Qahtan, aimed at clarifying the concept of actuarially and the science used to estimate the risks in the insurance, industry and financial sectors. The lecturer   shedded light on the application of effective statistics, accounts and methods in insurance issues in order to determine the efficiency, adequacy of premiums, Responsibilities and future commitments.  She added that the importance of actuarial work  is in the insurance sector, specifically in the field of social health insurance, as well as its role in the application of statistical and mathematical principles is  to prepare tables of probability related to risks and deaths and Accidents, diseases, disability, unemployment and retirement, in order to calculate the premiums and the required financial contributions based on administrative expenses, interest rates, age and gender.